Veteran’s Administration Provides Marker for William Alfred Mills, 1880-1920

WmAMillsVAWhen William Alfred Mills was buried in Congressional Cemetery on February 3, 1920, his widow, Anna Agnes Montgomery Mills, could not afford a tombstone to mark the place where he was laid to rest. Anna went on to raise their three young children (Vivian, age 7; Joseph, age 3; and Ellen, 5 months) by herself on a $34-a- month pension from his service in the Spanish-American War. Anna was buried with William in June 1957. Again, the family could not afford to erect a tombstone for them.

In appreciation for our veteran’s service, Congress directed that servicemen and women from all Wars be memorialized with a permanent marker wherever they are buried. Eighty-nine years after William died, Congressional Cemetery will erect the stone provided for him by the VA last week. Proof of his service and an application submitted through the cemetery was all that was needed to qualify for the free marker. It is made of high-quality granite with embossed letters showing his name and the ship on which he served. It has a beautiful “shield” crest around his name, with his dates of birth & death underneath.

An American flag will be placed on his grave on every National Holiday from now on. You can make sure all veterans in our family are properly recognized for their service in any of our country’s wars from Revolutionary times to the current one in Iraq & Afghanistan by applying to the VA for a marker. I can help you do that.

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  1. My third great-grandfather was Philip Warden. I found your story about “The Mills Family” on the Internet, Charles County, Maryland, and see you also published a book about the family. My interest is in a will of William Warden 2nd, 8 June 1773, where he left a heffer to his son Phillip Warden. I have suspected that Philip was originally from the Maryland area. Your information gives me the best proof I have of Philip. The first time I found philip was in 1888, in Fayette County, Kentucky. I have not found any of his siblings or parents. I feel certain this may be the lead I have searched for. Can you please direct me to anyone in your family that can give additional information about this Philip Warden? Any information and suggestions will be appreciated.

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